How to Find a Democratic Doctor in Florida – check the sign on their door


Health care reform – no, not tort reform – advocates be aware – especially if you live in Florida.  A new trend or just a single quack?

The NY Times ran a piece yesterday about the now infamous urologist in Florida, Dr. Jack Cassell, who posted a sign on his door that says, “If you voted for Obama, seek urologic care elsewhere. Changes to your healthcare begin right now. Not in four years.”                                  

Well there’s free speech and then there’s outright stupidity.  If there were an award for Quack of the Month, Dr. Cassell would win hands-down.  I understand being opposed to what is commonly now referred to as Omamacare; however, this doctor is over-the-top.

Perhaps my favorite quote in the article is the following:

In an interview with The Orlando Sentinel, he insisted that he would not refuse to treat a patient because of politics. “That would be unethical,” he said.

Unethical?  Surprised he understands the concept.  Perhaps now when we show up at our health care provider’s office, we’ll not only be asked for the usual information such as name, address, health history and chief complaint but also “who did you vote for in the last presidential election?”

Did Dr. Cassell ever hear about exercising his right of free speech through an editorial?  The physician-patient relationship is supposed to be based on trust.  How do you trust a doctor who tells you ‘at his front door’ – you are not welcome here if you are an Obama supporter.

UPDATE:  after posting this, I came across a blog from Anderson Cooper’s 360 inviting comments on this issue.  Yes, I waded in on the topic having seen some of the ‘interesting comments’ by some who agree with Cassell.

My second favorite quote from the Times article reads – “Dr. Cassell, 56, could not be reached for comment. The phone at his office was continuously busy Friday, and the doors were locked before 4 p.m.”  Maybe and hopefully they were locked so early because a large percentage of his patient population is democrat!

Get real, Doc!  Rendering quality care to your patients is what should be happening in your hallowed office, not using your front door as a pulpit for political rhetoric.

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