Why would anyone write a White Paper on how to get an #autopsy report?


On Saturday, April 22, 2010, I posted a new White Paper on our website, which deals with a number of issues of concern to many of our past clients – “They did an autopsy after my loved one died, but I can’t get them to give me the results. What can I do?”

In one week alone with had three calls from people saying the same thing in different plaintive words.

Last year, we successfully tried a lawsuit in Salisbury, Maryland relating to the death of a 19 day old infant. The parents knew that an autopsy had been performed as a result of their child tragically dying in his father’s arms. Patient for months, he called his now-deceased son’s pediatrician’s office several times and was basically told to not worry about it, they would let him know when they got word. Many months later, totally frustrated by the lack of caring and information and only wanting to know what had caused their baby to die so horribly, they sought out an attorney. The autopsy report finally surfaced – I wonder why.

I take  these wonderful people at their word. They had no intention of filing a lawsuit. As the months of frustration passed, they started to ask themselves – “Are they trying to hide something?” None of us will never know why such utter disregard and insensitivity to these grieving parents led to a failure by the doctor to provide the report and discuss it with the family. What it did was buy him a lawsuit and a multi-million dollar verdict.

So let’s examine why we just did a White Paper entitled “Having Trouble Getting a Hospital or Physician to Release an Autopsy Report?” Picture yourself in such a horrible situation. You just lost your spouse or child totally unexpectedly. An autopsy is done or requested. You don’t know which way to turn. All you want to do is try to understand what happened. You are put-off, ignored or  even berated for your persistence in simply wanting to know. This White Paper is offered to those in that horrible situation. Get some guidance on how to get  the information you so want.

While we hope you never need this information. If you do, it’s there for  the taking.

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