Who’s Who: Lawyers spot Justin Bieber on Flight But Don’t Recognize Justice Stevens


No one goes into the law to get famous. Obviously!

As we hear today the announcement of President Obama’s pick of Elena Kagan to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens, here is a little story about the nature of fame.

The ABA Journal reports that a husband and wife boarded a flight recently out of Reagan National Airport in D.C. heading back home to Chicago. As the couple walked through the first-class cabin toward their seats, they were surprised to see sitting there a familiar face – teen pop sensation, Justin Bieber. In their excitement over seeing a real live pop star in their midst, the couple failed to notice an older gentleman, who was also sitting in first class, wearing a bow tie and quietly minding his own business. It was none other than Justice Stevens. When the identity of the prominent gentleman was made known to the couple, they were chagrined. Why? “We’re both attorneys,” the husband conceded.

Maybe it’s time we start putting cameras in the Supreme Court or teach the Justices about social media with a profile picture for all to see on a daily basis.

I’d follow and ‘like’ them.

Oh yeah, Mr. and Mrs. Lawyer, this is Justice Stevens.


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