Former Dolphin O.J. McDuffie’s “Toe Trial” Results $11.5 Million Verdict


This from a report from Dolphins Central: In 1999, a wide receiver for the Dolphins, O.J. McDuffie, injured his toe during a game, after which he came under the care of former Dolphins’ physician, Dr. John Uribe.  What followed thereafter was a lawsuit filed in 2002 by McDuffie against Dr. Uribe claiming medical negligence by the physician.

After a multi-week trial, in which McDuffie presented evidence that, notwithstanding  demonstrable evidence of injury seen on MRI, McDuffie was cleared to play by Dr. Uribe too soon. He claimed that this ultimately led to tendon damage, subsequent surgeries and substantial financial loss as well as pain and suffering.  He retired only seven years after his career started.

The following is from Dolphins Central (note: this is directly quoted from the posting with no editorial comment by me – is it really needed?):

McDuffie played a TOEtal of 116 games for the Dolphins from 1993 to 2000, quickly becoming one of Dan Marino’s favorite targets. In 1998 he led the NFL with 90 receptions–the only Dolphin to ever lead the league in this category. McDuffie posted 415 receptions for 5,074 yards and 29 touchdowns in his career and also returned two punts for TDs.

“They jury awarded $10 million for lost earnings and $1.5 million of anguish… They were moved by the shattered dreams and career of Mr. McDuffie…

Since retirement, McDuffie hasn’t stopped. He has since founded the Catch 81 Foundation that is dedicated to raising money for children’s organizations.

I usually do not end my blogs with a quote, but for this piece, the author of this report for Dolphins Central, Matt Gullette, puts all this in some perspective – or at least his:

But it’s McDuffie’s sure hands and nimble feet that we’ll never forget. He always did have a knack for keeping us on our toes (puns-absolutely-intended).

Dare I say…. FINdication???

For a related story, see the report in


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