Teenager loses 65% of her skin after prescription error. Jury award of $2.1M decimated by cap


Breanna Ellis was just 13 years old when she presented to Dr. Lois Jeansonne, III, now deceased,  for treatment of a sinus infection.  Dr. Jeansonne decided Omnicef would be prescribed for treatment because it was approved for treating pediatric sinus infections. However, she actually prescribed Septra DS.

The Septra DS treatment resulted in dermatological problems and forced Breanna to be transferred from Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Cente to Shriner’s Hospital of Texas. Breanna Ellis lost 65% her of skin and required skin grafting to correct the horrific injuries Septra DS caused her to suffer.

A Louisiana jury awarded Ms. Ellis and Debra McKee, Ms. Ellis’ mother, $2,100,000 million. However, Louisiana’s 1975 Medical Malpractice cap will only reduce the  total reward of $500,000. For the full story, see 2theadvocate.com | News | Jury awards $2.1M in case against late doctor — Baton Rouge, LA.


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