Aria: We didn’t follow procedures | Philadelphia Daily News


Tort reform?  How about reform of hospitals that provide care like this – Aria: We didn’t follow procedures | Philadelphia Daily News.

A 63 year old school guidance counselor in PA died of a heart attack while sitting in the waiting room of Aria Health’s Frankford campus  (located in lower northeast section of Philadelphia) emergency department. “A top hospital official” testified before the City Council looking into this death and said that the hospital staff violated hospital policy in not checking on the patient before he died.

Well the story doesn’t quite stop there –

“There were blatant and flagrant violations of policies and procedures,” Kline (the lawyer retained by the deceased patient’s family) said after his testimony. “We need to judge Aria on its deeds to date, not its words.”

According to a report released last month by the state Department of Health, Rivera, a musician and Olney High School counselor, died of a heart attack and was unattended for more than 40 minutes. The state report said hospital staff made extensive errors before, during and after Rivera’s death.

While Rivera sat dead in the waiting room, three vagrants stole his wristwatch.  (emphasis mine)

They not only didn’t pay attention to him before and while he was dying – they let him be robbed after he was dead?  Oh yeah – that’s another poster case for ‘tort reform.’   Maybe a solid verdict against the hospital will assist the its staff in making sure they follow the policies already in place at the hospital.

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