Bakersfield, CA: Severely Brain Damaged Sisters win $31 million « The Accident Lawyer


for all the good work MADD has done over these many years, we still hear of these seemingly endless and unnecessary tragedies. Bakersfield, CA: Severely Brain Damaged Sisters win $31 million.

This verdict resulted from a horrible auto accident in 2007.  Two young ladies, ages 25 and 16, were on their way to dinner and a movie when a drunk driver, returning his employer’s truck to the yard, ran a stop sign and stuck the girls’ car.

Torres was able to walk away from the accident with no serious injuries but unfortunately both sisters’ were rushed to the hospital where they both suffered from traumatic brain injuries. Rosie (16 years old according to the report), the driver of the car, stayed in a coma for six weeks and was left with only a partial brain.

Marta (25 years old) was able to return to work but she was permanently scarred and sustained problems with her memory, had no patience to deal with daily life, and started to become easily aggravated at work.

The oft-repeated but apparently unheard moral of these  seemingly endless stories?  If you want to drink, fine – but stay the hell off the road!  These type of verdicts grab headlines (and blogs) but lives are left shattered.  While the money may go to help these young people with future care and living (if you can call it that) needs, it will never give them back the lives they were enjoying before this tragic accident.

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