Fall on ice puts girl in perilous position – Parents: be aware of the signs and symptoms of a potential life-threatening bleed in your child’s head.


Bad weather all around us – slip and fall incidents abound.

Are you familiar with the general signs and symptoms of a serious bleed in the head (e.g. subdural hematoma) that can cause permanent neurological injuries if not death?

Read this article from stltoday.com (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) – Fall on ice puts girl in perilous position – STLtoday.com.

The comments by the attending neurosurgeon, who timely and properly intervened to save this young girl’s life, are most informative.

Dr. Werner noted that Ava’s injury is unusual in children, and much more common in elderly people, because their veins are more fragile and they’re often on aspirin and other blood thinners.

Ava is a good example of the symptoms to look for after hard impact to the head, he said.

“Persistent pain that doesn’t get better as the hours go on. Vomiting more than twice in 24 hours. Changes in level of awareness,” he said. “And the last, most ominous sign is when the pupils are different sizes because one has dilated. That’s a sign that you have, not hours, but minutes to get treatment.”

While such injuries in children may be ‘rare,’ Ave – thank goodness – is living proof of the fact that head trauma in children (and adults) are not to be taken lightly.  Vigilance and knowledgeable observation after such an incident are potentially key to the survival of a loved one.

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